Some music

Here’s some music in the works for the game. Hope you enjoy them!

Song 1 (Dark 8-Bit Dubstep)

Song 2 (Dark 8-bit House)


Death.EXE Prototype Normals (JumpC, JumpD)

At long last, the final two normals of our prototype Death.EXE! Here’s Jumping C and Jumping D.



Cybernatural Prototype

This is a quick video that shows a bit about how our game looks and how it works. Let us know what you think.

Death.EXE Prototype Normals (JumpA, JumpB)

Jumping into Death.EXE’s jumping moves! Here’s Jumping A and Jumping B!


Final Concept Art

Final Concept Art

Death.EXE Prototype Normals (CrouchC, CrouchD)

Crouching C and Crouching D.

Death.EXE Prototype Normals (CrouchA, CrouchB)

Now we’re on to crouching moves! Here’s Crouching A and Crouching B!


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