Some music

Here’s some music in the works for the game. Hope you enjoy them!

Song 1 (Dark 8-Bit Dubstep)

Song 2 (Dark 8-bit House)

Death.EXE Prototype Normals (JumpC, JumpD)

At long last, the final two normals of our prototype Death.EXE! Here’s Jumping C and Jumping D.



Cybernatural Prototype

This is a quick video that shows a bit about how our game looks and how it works. Let us know what you think.

Death.EXE Prototype Normals (JumpA, JumpB)

Jumping into Death.EXE’s jumping moves! Here’s Jumping A and Jumping B!


Final Concept Art

Final Concept Art

Death.EXE Prototype Normals (CrouchC, CrouchD)

Crouching C and Crouching D.

Death.EXE Prototype Normals (CrouchA, CrouchB)

Now we’re on to crouching moves! Here’s Crouching A and Crouching B!

Death.EXE Prototype Normals (StandC, StandD)

Here’s Standing C and Standing D of Death.EXE’s normals! I apologize if the hit boxes don’t appear or seem off-timed – my recording software can only do so much.

Death.EXE Prototype Normals (StandA, StandB)

Hey, Kappy of Fraudulent Studios here! Last week we finished all of Death.EXE’s normals with a prototype model we’re using to animate them. So, to show everyone what his normals look like, I’ll be putting up two moves every day until I get all 12 normals up + his grab and some other movements.

Let’s get started with his StandingA and StandingB!

Victoria Hellsing Finalized


Victoria Finalized

I’ll get around to making the hatless sunglasses version of her. This could be a cool idea as in intro animation. I just plain do not like hats, so Im thinking of having her throw the hat off, and don the sunglasses before the fight starts.




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